Posted by Anna Koenig
¡Hola a todos!
Hello to everyone from Farming Hope. 
And a big thank you. 
Your club, and you as individual members, more than anyone else, have made our biggest project yet possible. 
In sunny El Salvador, short weeks ago, two acres went up for sale next to our farm for homeless individuals. 
I barely had to ask and your club, quite quickly, acted to make that purchase. I am personally so grateful for the chance to speak to your club, and now work together to double a working solution, and be part of your wishes and work for a better world.
Your investment protects and grows a future for many hungry and homeless individuals, for generations. Thanks to you, our farm will be more than double in size, now over three acres, allowing us to grow twice as much corn, beans, vegetables to eat at the Hope House homeless shelter (feeding 50+ daily) and twice the work spots for homeless individuals to rebuild their lives on the farm. 
This pilot farm is a model for farms in Wisconsin, Illinois, and now California (and someday, Ohio!). The lessons from El Salvador are an investment in better, more sustainable charity, the kind Rotary promotes, the kind our communities need. 
Thank you immensely for investing in your brothers and sisters in El Salvador, and in a project that can grow to inspire sustainable farming projects worldwide. 
A special note: I want to invite you to see the fruits of your loving investment: winter harvest season is October-December, and I'd love you to visit next year to see the newly improved farm and volunteer side-by-side with the Hope Farmers. 
Thanks - and good luck in all your endeavors. God Bless. 
Jamie Stark and the Farming Hope familia